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The Circassian Museum in Kfar Kama

The circassian museum in Kfar Kama was established to maintain the unique heritage and history of Kfar Kama, settled by Circassian immigrants in the late 70s of the 19 century. The museum is located in the middle of the "old town" of Kfar Kama in a 130 years of age traditional circassian house preserving the characteristics of this unique people.
These preserved characteristics can be obtained while exploring the original house, fully equipped with original circassian kitchen including the fire place and the cooking materials. From the kitchen the unique design of the different rooms in the house are step away for extended experience. The experience is enriched when exploring the original yard with water reserve well that gathers the raining water

When approaching the community daily life stile part, different tools and equipment used by the circassian community since the early days of the settlement of Kfar Kama. Among these tools and equipment, different occupations tools can be found, as Kfar Kama used to be the center of the area with all the needed labor expertise

From the circassian heritage, unique traditional clothing, weaving of fabrics, music instruments and special beads for horses are presented in the museum

For a real, unique and life experience, come to share the history of such special community in Israel and learn about the life stile of the circassian since the early days of there settlement

Open Seven days a week

: 09:00 - 17:00

for special hours or cases, an arrangement is applicable

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